"DCJA is world class. They blaze a trail and then walk alongside the whole way. Three cheers and more!"
Stephan Bauman, President of World Relief and DCJA author

D.C. Jacobson & Associates is a literary agency committed to the production and promotion of life-changing messages. By providing editorial, marketing, and sales support to both authors and publishers, we seek to ensure the successful transfer of passion from the author, through the publishing house, to the heart of the reader.

Drawing on Don Jacobson's depth of experience as former owner and president of a major Christian publishing house, our team’s breadth of skills, and longstanding relationships with publishers, DCJA offers exceptional representation to Christian authors. Our team of talented professionals brings a combined 80+ years of diverse experience in the publishing industry.

Our approach to representation goes beyond negotiating contracts. We serve as your guide through the complex publishing process so you can focus on writing. We’re with you along the way, bringing creative, market-informed concept development to each book and providing editorial guidance as needed. We creatively market our authors to publishers who will share their vision, and we work closely with that publisher on the author's behalf.

At DCJA, we’re all about relationships. There's something about the creative experience that builds a special camaraderie, and many of our long-term clients will tell you we’ve become good friends.

We represent authors and projects that we are passionate about—messages we believe will change the world. By focusing our energies on going deeper with fewer clients, the success of each book is maximized. Our commitment to each individual author leads to influential books and long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between author and publisher.

We really do believe your words matter, and we take seriously our role as your business and ministry partner in bringing your messages to the people who need them.

DCJA charges the industry standard agency commission of 15%.