Alia Joy


Alia Joy is the daughter of both a book lover and a storyteller and in that she was destined to be a writer. She collects words at, always dances to the good songs, and believes even the most broken stories have a redeemer. Her work touches on so many of the hurts of today's women—depression and abuse, race and culture, body image and the hard work of seeing God's glory in the mess. Alia's unique perspective and raw vulnerability make her an approachable voice, a place to come and say, "me too."

Alia‘s first book is Gorious Weakness: Discovering God in All We Lack, (April ‘2019, Baker Books). In this deeply personal exploration of what it means to be “poor in spirit”, she challenges our cultural proclivity to "pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps.". Alia calls on readers to embrace true vulnerability and authenticity with God and with one another—showing how weakness does not disqualify us from inclusion in the kingdom of God—instead, it is our very invitation to enter in.

Alia lives in Central Oregon with her husband, her tiny Asian mother, her three kids, a puppy, a bunny, and a bunch of chickens. Sushi is her love language and she balances her cynical idealism with humor and awkward pauses.  She is also a contributor at (in)courage, GraceTable, SheLoves Magazine, The Mudroom, and Deeper Waters. 

Twitter: @aliajoyh
Instagram: @aliajoy