becky kiser

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Becky Kiser has a desire to leave a significant impact on her world. She knows time is valuable and is committed to not waste a single minute of it—hers or those she is ministering to. People are drawn to her writing, teaching, and coaching because of her authentic and relatable style. Jesus is the love of her life and she will stop at nothing to convince others that He is worth their life. Becky isn’t all spiritual, because she is unashamedly addicted to sweet tea and coffee creamer, binge-watches Netflix or Hallmark movies, and will choose hot summer days at the pool or family dance parties over just about anything.

 Becky started a ministry a little more than two years ago called Sacred Holidays, providing Bible studies and other resources to help women connect with Christ during the holidays. She is a vulnerable and challenging teacher when she speaks at women’s events or local prisons, and is known to go to embarrassing measures if it can get a point across. In addition, she is a Myers-Briggs certified Life Coach for women and small businesses, having coached hundreds of women over the years.

Becky’s book, Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos. More Jesus (October ‘2018, B&H Books), details how holidays are meant to be more than chaos with glimpses of grace; they are meant to draw us closer to God and one another. We want all the whimsy and joy the holidays held when we were children, before life crowded it out. We want the holidays to reflect our love for Jesus and reveal the grace that has been lavished on us, but life is so busy that setting a game plan just doesn’t happen.

Becky has been married to her husband, Chris, for nearly ten years and they have three girls: Karis (6), Moriah (4), and Chandler (2).

Twitter: @beckykiser
Instagram: @beckykiser