Dikkon Eberhart


Dikkon Eberhart lives on the coast of Maine, where, as a youngster, his family returned during the summers.  At all other times, the family followed his poet father, Richard Eberhart (Pulitzer Prize, Poet Laureate of the US, and other honors), from one university post to another.  Dikkon has a doctorate in Religion and Art and held a faculty position at Hartford Seminary before going into publishing sales, first religious and then legal.  His two novels were praised in the literary and general press.  Now retired after 30 years in sales, he is a deacon at his church, a Special Olympics coach, and he writes fiction and nonfiction.  He and his wife, Channa, have four children and three grandchildren. 

Dikkon's latest book, The Time Mom Met Hitler, Frost Came to Dinner, and I Heard the Greatest Story Ever Told, was published by Tyndale House Publishers in June 2015.

Website: dikkoneberhart.com