Duncan Campbell


Raised by absent and troubled parents, Duncan Campbell promised himself that if he ever escaped his circumstances he would use his resources to help kids like himself escape abuse, poverty, neglect, unplanned pregnancies, and the criminal justice system.

In 1981, Campbell founded Campbell Global, a forest and timberland investment company. As the chairman emeritus and CEO, Campbell oversaw TCG’s worldwide marketing and acquisitions with a focus on institutions, pension funds, investment managers, and high-net-worth families.

In 1993, Campbell founded Friends of the Children, which has been recognized as a model for mentoring children at the state and national levels. FOTC now employs 148 mentors who help more than 1400 children in five sites: Portland, Klamath Falls (Oregon), Seattle, Boston, Tampa Bay, New York City, and Cornwall, UK.

Duncan’s memoir, To The Thin Branches: One Man’s Mission to Unlock Generational Change, One Child at a Time, written with Craig Borlase, is due to be released by Ampelon Publishers in Fall 2016.  The book tells the true story of an entrepreneur with a troubled past who discovers his true purpose: to break the chains of poverty that shackle our most at-risk kids.

Campbell is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law (’73). He is also an attorney at law and certified public accountant. He has been professionally affiliated as a member of Oregon Society of CPAs, the American Institute of CPAs, the Oregon State Bar, and the American Bar Association. His work has been recognized with dozens of awards and honors, including the Oregon Children’s Award, the Salvation Army Award, and the nationally prestigious Civic Ventures Purpose Prize.