Erika Morrison


Erika Morrison is a visionary and a life artist. With a palette of ordinary elements like air, skin, laundry, and the trash on her neighborhood streets, she paints bold portraits of Kingdom-come. Readers of her blog and the collaborative websites for which she writes have known Erika to welcome beggars into family gatherings, host a dance party to fight trafficking, and adopt an entire city’s homeless population.

This unconventional approach to spirituality has caught the attention of groups around the world, and she is now on the speaking circuit in addition to her online writing. Erika engages conference attendees on themes of missional living and avant-garde faith, beating hard the drum of social justice. She has been sought out as a storyteller-advocate by international justice groups including the Exodus Road, a human trafficking rescue coalition, and Help One Now, an organization aiding children in poverty. Within her own hometown, she co-leads a project, The Common, that helps anticipate and meet the needs of the city’s homeless community. Her ultimate goal in every aspect of life is to witness heaven in the details and then weave them into a story of unspeakable depth.

Erika’s first book, Bandersnatch: An Invitation to Explore Your Unconventional Soul, was published by Thomas Nelson in October 2015.

Erika makes her home and invests her heart in the Yale University town of New Haven, CT along with her husband Austin, their sons Gabriel, Seth, and Jude, and a female pit bull named Zeppelin.

Twitter: @erikalifeartist
Instagram: @thelifeartist