Esther Emery


Esther Emery is a child of the American wilderness. Raised rootless and unbound by an author of the 1970s’ back-to-the-land movement, Emery was born into an outsider’s perspective on life and faith. She spent a decade seeking success in urban America, but after a spectacular career failure and ensuing struggle with work-life balance, she ran away from it all to build a new life with her husband and three children way up in the Idaho hills.

Every aspect of Emery’s life today is a testament to freedom. Living off grid in a yurt her husband designed and built himself, Emery gathers not only those readers who resent definition and share her instinct for innovation, but also all those who have dreamed of living fearlessly into their most authentic life.

Emery’s faith is also marked by fearlessness. After violently rejecting her mother’s Pentecostal faith and living for fifteen years as a secular progressive feminist, Emery was called back into the faith of her childhood. Despite having publicly criticized the Christian faith, she answered the call to convert, and now stands as a peacemaker in the borderlands between conservative Christian faith and progressive ethical activism.

Passionate about the relationship between creativity and monastic life, Emery lives and teaches a philosophy of rest, creation care, and mental freedom. She writes a niche blog about radical freedom and radical faith and is a regular contributor at the online magazine A Deeper Story. Her first book, Seasons of Silence, is due out with Zondervan in 2016.

In her first career, as a freelance theatre director and playwright in Southern California, she directed plays and readings at such established cultural institutions as The Old Globe and the La Jolla Playhouse.

Twitter: @EstherEmery
Instagram: @estheremery