glenn packiam


Glenn Packiam is an Associate Senior Pastor at New Life Church, a multi-congregational church in Colorado Springs. He also serves as the Lead Pastor of New Life Downtown, a thriving New Life congregation in downtown Colorado Springs where millennials and empty nesters, seekers and seasoned believers, gather to worship in a Christ-centered, gospel-shaped way, inspired by the ancient practices of the Church and full of the life of the Spirit. He is completing a research doctorate in theology from Durham University in the UK.

Glenn’s life stands at the intersection of several spheres: an immigrant from Malaysia educated in America and married to an Iowa farm girl, Packiam brings a global perspective to current issues; a well-known worship leader and songwriter before becoming a teaching pastor, he blends “heart” and “head” in an approach to faith; an ordained Anglican priest serving in a non-denominational church, he treasures practices that are both ancient and modern.

Twitter: @gpackiam
Instagram: @gpackiam