glenn packiam


Glenn Packiam is an Associate Senior Pastor at New Life Church, a multi-congregational church in Colorado Springs. He also serves as the Lead Pastor of New Life Downtown, a thriving New Life congregation in downtown Colorado Springs where millennials and empty nesters, seekers and seasoned believers, gather to worship in a Christ-centered, gospel-shaped way, inspired by the ancient practices of the Church and full of the life of the Spirit. He is completing a research doctorate in theology from Durham University in the UK.

Glenn’s life stands at the intersection of several spheres: an immigrant from Malaysia educated in America and married to an Iowa farm girl, Packiam brings a global perspective to current issues; a well-known worship leader and songwriter before becoming a teaching pastor, he blends “heart” and “head” in an approach to faith; an ordained Anglican priest serving in a non-denominational church, he treasures practices that are both ancient and modern.

Author of five books, Glenn’s latest, Blessed Broken Given: How Your Story Becomes Sacred in the Hands of Jesus (Multnomah, August ‘2019), empowers readers to find great joy, purpose, and passion in their daily living. While bread may be one of the most common items on our dinner tables, Jesus chose to take it at the Last Supper and invest deep, wonderful, and transcendent meaning in it. Like the bread that was blessed, broken, and given; readers will see how God uses ordinary experiences to cultivate their mission and their brokenness to bring healing to the world. The ordinary is not the enemy; it is the means by which God accomplishes the miraculous. Through clear biblical teaching and practical steps, Glenn leads the reader into a more purposeful, directed, hopeful future.

Twitter: @gpackiam
Instagram: @gpackiam