Hayley Morgan


Hayley Morgan is intent on telling every single woman she is neither too much nor not enough. Hayley grew up squeezed into that dichotomy, always encouraged to high-achievement but also feeling the pressure not to make too much fuss or draw too much attention. After a tumultuous season following her parents’ divorce, she met Jesus on a youth group ski trip at 16 and nothing has been the same since. Hayley is business-minded and ministry-hearted, so she loves encouraging women with big dreams and feels called to effect world change through business. Her popular blog The Tiny Twig encourages women to create lives of more passion and less fuss. Out of a care for the fair treatment of all people, Hayley founded the ethical clothing company Wildly Co., where she partners with a worker-owned sew shop fairly employing first generation immigrants. Whether meeting with artisans in Africa or leading a Bible study in her living room, she knows the gospel changes everything.

Hayley has authored three books—the best-selling Wild and Free: A Hope-Filled Anthem for the Woman Who Feels She is Both Too Much and Never Enough, co-authored with Jess Connolly (Zondervan ‘2016), Always Enough, Never Too Much: 100 Devotions to Quit Comparing, Stop Hiding, and Start Living Wild and Free again co-authored with Jess Connolly (Zondervan ‘2017) and her latest, Preach to Yourself: When Your Inner Critic Comes Calling, Talk Back with Truth (Zondervan October '2018), which tackles the problem of how our head knows the good news is true, but our heart struggles to believe it, and in this gap, we battle to believe the promises of God.

 Hayley lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband Mike and their four sons.

Website: thetinytwig.com
Twitter: @thetinytwig
Instagram: @thetinytwig