Heather Holleman


Heather Holleman, PhD is a popular speaker, teacher, and writer. She teaches Advanced Writing and Freshman Composition at Penn State. Heather is a graduate of the University of Virginia and also received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan where she studied the psychology of emotion, intimacy, and shame. She explores and writes on overlooked and unusual verbs in scripture in addition to writing novels. She blogs daily at Live with Flair and runs various community outreach programs including a Walk to School campaign. Heather's husband, Ashley, serves as the Executive Director of Graduate Student Ministry for Cru, and they both minister locally at Penn State. They have two radiant daughters.

The author of four books, Heather’s latest, Chosen for Christ: Stepping into the Life You’ve Been Missing, (Moody, October ‘2018), presents a new way to think about calling, by helping women embrace their identity as chosen ones to step into a new way of living each day. Chosen for Christ completes her vivid verbs trilogy, which also includes Seated with Christ and Guarded by Christ.

Website: livewithflair.blogspot.com
Twitter: @HeatherHolleman