James Bowman


James Bowman is the oldest son of Marion “Curly” Bowman, and the sole custodian of the true, untold story of “The Great Krupp Diamond Caper.” James has been researching the people, places, and events attached to the heist for the past fifty years—ever since his father arrived on his doorstep following a seven-year absence and informed him that he had stolen the diamond. Over the years, James has amassed an extensive collection of books, newspaper articles, legal documents, and other miscellaneous materials related to the heist, but perhaps the most valuable information James has in his possession are the taped confessions of his father and the memory of countless hours of one-on-one conversations with his father about the heist. James currently lives in Arizona with his wife, Carla. They have two daughters, Tami and Kimberly, and seven grandchildren.