Jim Turner


Jim Turner has been in youth or pastoral ministry for over 25 years and has personally experienced the pain and damage that disconnection can cause.

His book, The Disconnected Man: Breaking Down Walls and Restoring Intimacy with Him, was released in December '2017 by FaithWords, an imprint of Hachette.

He has individually fought the battle to overcome disconnection and has entered into rich and fruitful relationships that reflect the commands of Christ for intimacy with Him and His followers. He ‘gets it’ now and wants everyone else to join him!

Jim is also the author of So Called Christian: Healing Spiritual Wounds Left by the Church, and co-author of the discipleme discipleship workbooks (and soon to be released app) based on the need for disciple leaders to develop connected relationships with disciples rather than simply teaching them lessons.

Jim, his wife Tanya, and their blended family of ten children (only seven still at home!) live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Portland, OR.  They enjoy music, theater, beach trips, great food, entertaining friends and family, and most of all just being together!