Karen Stott


Writer, designer, and visionary, Karen Stott uses her creative gifts to encourage women to lead lives of intentionality while cultivating joy in their business and home environments. After nine years as a wedding photographer, working alongside her husband Isaac of 15 years, Karen created Pursuit Community, a growing community of women creatives and solopreneurs empowering one another to find balance within faith, family, and business. Karen resides in the Northwest with her husband and three kids.

This book is Karen’s passion project—one that God nudged her to write time and again—because she discovered that so much of what she experienced are common to countless others, yet aren’t spoken of, particularly in Christian circles, because they may be considered taboo. Issues such as emotional and spiritual abuse by pastors and emotional affairs are rarely mentioned. Yet Karen found God in the muck, and learned not to believe the lie that he had forgotten her, but led her there for a far greater purpose. This is the truth and hope she wants to share with other women through This Could Be Gold.

Karen's first book, An Intentional Life: A Life-Giving Invitation to Uncover Your Passions and Unlock Your Purpose was released by Harvest House in May '2018.

Website: karenstottblog.com
Twitter: @KarenStott_IH
Instagram: @intentionalhome
Facebook: facebook.com/KarenStottPhotography