Kathryn O'Brien


Kathryn O’Brien is passionate about kids, not just her own three teenagers, but the students she serves as an administrator at Stoneybrooke Christian Schools, as well as the children she aims to reach through her books. In a world that is reeling toward increasing chaos, Kathryn wants little ones, as well as their moms, to know the blessing of living calmly and breathing deeply in the grace of a loving God.

Kathryn has written two children’s books, I'd Be Your Princess, winner of ECPA’s Gold Medallion Book Award (Standard Publishing, 2004) and I'd Be Your Hero (January, 2005).  Her new three book children's series, Sit for a Bit, including the titles Be Still, Give Thanks, and I Can, is due to be released by Tyndale Publishers in March 2016.

As a breast cancer survivor, Kathryn loves being active in Southern California, taking “monster” hikes with her husband of 22 years, attempting yoga classes, and walking her obnoxiously fluffy dog, Mel.

Twitter: @_katobrien