Kayla Aimee


Kayla Aimee is a thirty-something mama to a toddler, so she spends her days cleaning up peanut butter and leaning into grace. (And all the mothers said AMEN, right?) 

After unexpectedly delivering her daughter at 25 weeks and learning to navigate motherhood in the NICU, she discovered that God is constant in a world that spins senseless with tragedy. Filled with the belief that the simple act of sharing a story can change the trajectory of a heart, she is passionate about providing support and encouragement to other mothers searching for hope. 

A Southern girl through and through, Kayla Aimee resides in a small town in Georgia with her husband and daughter, where she enjoys scrapbooking, storytelling, and perfecting her ping pong skills (although not necessarily in that order). She is a contributing writer for Hand to Hold and Mothers of Daughters, and she writes about faith, family, and her favorite things on her blog.

Kayla has authored two books: Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected, (B&H Publishers, 2015) and her latest, In Bloom: Trading Restless Insecurity for Abiding Confidence (B&H Publishers, February '2018).

Website: kaylaaimee.com
Twitter: @kaylaaimee
Instagram: @kaylaaimee
Facebook: facebook.com/kaylaaimee