Leah Kostamo


An American transplant to Canada, Leah Kostamo has a background in campus ministry and education. For the past ten years, Leah has worked alongside her husband, Markku, to establish the ministry of A Rocha in Canada. Her grounding in theology, writing, and campus ministry, combined with the experience of co-founding A Rocha’s first environmental centre in Canada, position her uniquely to tell this particular story of Christian discipleship in the arena of creation care.

Leah’s desire is to see people transformed by the power of Christ and be transformers of society and caretakers of the earth. She is convinced that Christians, in John Stott’s words, should be in the “vanguard of the environmental movement,” since they believe that God, out of love, created and sustains all of creation and calls His followers to live as stewards of that creation. She also believes that guilt and statistics have a short shelf-life where transformation is concerned.

Leah is the editor of A Rocha, Canada's magazine-style newsletter, which has a circulation of nearly 4,000. She is also a contributing author of Caring for Creation, edited by Sarah Tillett (London: Bible Reading Fellowship, 2005).

Leah's first book, Planted, published by Wipf and Stock Publishers, released in August 2013.

Website: leahkostamo.com
Twitter: @leahkostamo
Instagram: @leahkostamo
Facebook: facebook.com/leahkostamobooks