Lisa Pennington


Lisa Pennington is a Texas mom of 9, wife of 28 years, blogger, homeschooler and speaker. She spends her days embracing opportunities to enjoy her family on the little farm. Not being raised in the country, she fumbles her way through gathering eggs and chasing cows down the street. She spends her spare time remodeling drafty rooms and folding laundry.

Lisa blogs at The Pennington Point and is a regular contributor for the homeschool magazine, "REVIEW," and at She runs an etsy shop with her 4 daughters and plays games with her kids every afternoon. She doesn't let them win, but sadly they still beat her most of the time.

Lisa's passion in writing is to encourage moms to enjoy their children and embrace life fully. Her first book, Mama Needs a Do-Over: Simple Steps to Turning a Hard Day Around, was published by David C. Cook in September 2015.

Twitter: @PenningtonPoint
Instagram: @penningtonpoint