Michael Yankoski


Michael Yankoski chose to take a hiatus from college and be homeless for five months in six different American cities. Shortly after, he published the account of his experience, Under the Overpass (Multnomah 2005). Michael and his wife Danae created a book together, Zealous Love: A Guide to Social Justice published by Zondervan in January 2010.

Michael graduated from Regent College in Vancouver, BC with a Master of Christian Studies degree, and is now working on his PhD at Notre Dame. His latest book is the The Sacred Year: Mapping the Soulscape of Spiritual Practice, (Thomas Nelson,  2014).

Michael and Danae use their writing and speaking platform to challenge believers toward a more selfless and sustainable lifestyle.

Website: michaelyankoski.com
Twitter: @michaelyankoski
Facebook: facebook.com/myankoski