Nish Weiseth


Nish Weiseth is a writer, blogger and a curator of stories. She's the brainchild behind A Deeper Story the wildly popular and influential collaborative blog, where two-dozen writers raise their voices to address the issues found on the collision course between Christianity and culture. Nish serves as the manager and editor of the site, gathering some of the best and most powerful stories that speak God's truth to the believers in her generation.

She's also the author of her own personal blog, Nish Happens, a clever, tongue-in-cheek space where she writes about everything from foreign economic policy to the drama of finding Play-Doh in your carpet. Nish is also an advocate for World Vision and Sevenly, partnering as a blogger for both organizations.

Nish's first book, Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World (Zondervan, 2014), talks about the power of telling our own stories and hearing those of others to change hearts, build bridges, advocate for good, make disciples with grace, and proclaim God's kingdom on Earth today.

Nish lives in Salt Lake City with her dashing & adventurous husband, Erik, and their son, Rowan. The Weiseth's are members of a church plant full of other misfit believers in the urban core of the most conservative state in the Union. Nish voted for Obama. She's a perpetual fish out of water.

Twitter: @nishweiseth
Instagram: @nishweiseth