Paul J. Pastor


Paul J. Pastor (M.A., Western Seminary), is an author, writer, editor, and grassroots pastor living with his wife and three children in Oregon's majestic Columbia River Gorge. His work finds beauty and timeless spiritual wisdom in the natural world, biblical theology, and modern Christian life.

Paul’s careful eye and unique creative voice have garnered him more than twelve Evangelical Press Association awards for original writing, humor, and editorial work with Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal.

Following the success of the first volume in this series, The Listening Day: Meditations On The Way, Volume Two (October ‘2017, Zeal Books)  is a collection of 90 devotional readings to help you know God today. Grounded deeply in the words and images of the Bible, author Paul J. Pastor invites you to listen in on beautiful, honest conversations with God, who encourages, laughs, loves, rebukes, invites, and instructs. Each day's reading ends with a short prayer inviting you to experience God's rich presence.

This book may be read independently of the first volume. But building on its themes, volume two takes the journey farther than ever before—moving us closer to the heart and mind of the Father, closer to living fully in his deep, strange love.

"Open your hand child. I make two promises: you will lose everything you thought was yours. And I will give you all things."

Paul is a sought-after editor, with dozens of book-length projects, publication issues, and short form prose to his credit, including projects for Zondervan, The Green Collection, Wipf and Stock, and Plough Publishing. He is also a veteran interviewer and collaborative writer.

His last name is either providence or coincidence.

Twitter: @pauljpastor