Sarah Mae loves to encourage women to keep on and begin again.

No story is too unsafe, no past is too awful, no heartache is too great that God’s grace can’t cover, recover, and heal. She’s learned this grace firsthand as she faced the reality of her mother’s alcoholic addition and subsequent impossible redemption story, which only God could have orchestrated.

Through blogging, speaking, and writing books, Sarah gets the message out that you aren’t alone, you aren’t crazy, and God loves you and will do good work in you as you submit to His gentle but relentless molding.

Sarah is the coauthor of the bestselling book, Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe. Her latest, Psalm 40: Crying Out to the God who Delights to Rescue Us (LifeWay, June ‘2019), is an 8-session bible study, which examines Psalm 40, and teaches how to stay faithful to God amidst painful and hard times.

She is also the founder of several events including the first national Christian women’s blogging conference, Allume, and has cultivated a blog that reaches thousands of women each month (

Sarah Mae has been featured on Focus on the Family radio, The Life Today Show with James Robison, and is a contributor to various magazines and websites including and (the new site by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett that will reach 20 million people on their Facebook pages). She was featured in Life Beautiful Magazine as one of 50 most inspiring Christian women of 2016, and was mentioned on Good Morning America as a stay-at-home mom who learned how to earn an income online.

She lives in Amish-land, PA (Lancaster County) with her woodworker husband and three spunky kids whom she homeschools. Send coffee (she takes it black).

Twitter: @sarahmae