Tsh Oxenreider


Tsh Oxenreider, a serial traveler and paradoxical homebody, writes about the significance and beauty of simple living at The Art of Simple, a popular community blog she founded when she was living in Turkey. Her first book, Organized Simplicity, covered the topic of living well in a clutter-free, intentionally simple home. But it was her second book, Notes From a Blue Bike (Thomas Nelson,2014) where she dove into the question that played in her mind on rotation as she re-settled back to the States: Is it even possible to live slowly and simply, the way you do in a relationship-based culture—but in a culture that values productivity more than anything else?

She loves to write about travel and global issues, particularly from a family-centered perspective, and is currently working on her next book, a memoir about the recent year she and her family of five traveled around the world with nothing but backpacks.

Her passion is to help people take the right risks they need to be more globally-minded with their choices. From filling their homes with only what’s needed, to spending money ethically, to walking out the front door to explore God’s great world near and far, Tsh’s writing reflects a candid, approachable ethos of living simply so that others can simply live.

In addition to running her community blog, Tsh also hosts The Simple Show, a podcast that explores how all sorts of specific people simplify their life by living holistically with their purpose. She’s also the creator of Upstream Field Guide, an online course designed to help people find their purpose. She’s in the process of becoming a certified life coach, and plans to write more in the genre of travel, global-minded family living, memoir, and eventually, fiction.

When they're not traveling the world, Tsh and her family divide their time between Austin, Texas and Central Oregon.

Website: theartofsimple.net   tshoxenreider.com
Twitter: @tsh
Instagram: @tshoxenreider